The Save Black Boys Campaign is an economic empowerment initiative that highlights the talents and skills of young black male entrepreneurs in the United States. These young entrepreneurs have shown for years that they are among the top group in creating new business ventures. Traditionally, they have been shut out of the American’s business and corporate structure for many years for lack of capital, all that’s about to change, with this 10 year old organization we called: “Save Black Boys Campaign”.  

The campaign is sponsored by the Billennial Foundation.  

The Billennial Generation is the first of three entrepreneurial focused generations, that is next in line to replace the “Millennial Generation”. The oldest member in Millennial Generation is 39 years old, while the oldest member in the Billennial Generation has just reached 19 years. The young have not been born yet. The Billennial Generation will also join the Trillennial Generation in 2021, to form the world’s first true MultiGeneration Access Market, that will be open affiliate business ventures. If you own a business venture and don’t have access to a MultiGeneration Market with a global reach you will forever be left behind by your competitors that do.

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